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Telecom Group, Inc.


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Global Telecom Group, Inc. (GTG), is a wholly-owned subsidary of the Farhan Company. GTG has been the sourcing and exportation arm of the parent company, which requires a range of non-edible oils and fats for resale to soap manufacturers in Pakistan. 


In March 2011, GTG launched it's renovation and management arm when it purchased a bankrupt motel repossessed by a bank, which it acquired for $1.4 million. After the property was rebranded into a Motel 6 franchise, it now boasts an increasing annual average of over 50% average occupancy rate and expects this figure to grow.  


In October 2012, GTG established a real estate investment business, SAFA Homes, which focuses on acquiring, remodeling and holding or selling properties in Northern Virginia. It focuses on condominiums, single-family homes and townhomes, purchasing them at up to 20% to 35% below market prices. The purchase prices range from S120K to S500K, with a resale value increase of as much as $500,0000 after refurbishment. 

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